Biedermannhof - Pattern



The name "Wimmkammerle" derives from "Wimmen"(in South Tyrolean dialect, vendemiare) and a historic photo of the grape harvest from the 1950s, hanging on the walls of the room, reminds us of its origins.The room is cozily furnished and has a shower, toilet, 32" LCD TV, and balcony with a beautiful view.


The "Torgglkammerle" room takes its name from the wine cellar located two floors below, where the "Torggl" (wine press) used to be.The spacious room, with separate shower and toilet, has a large balcony with a splendid view and a 32" LCD TV.


The "Pergl" (pergola) is a form of vine cultivation, especially the schiava grape, which is widespread in South Tyrol. The room has been given this name, as there is a beautiful view of the valley and the "house pergola" from the balcony. Comfortably furnished, with 32" LCD TV, bathroom with shower and toilet, the room has everything you need.